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We offer the convenience of cash with the security of a card, giving you peace of mind.


Retail Insight Cards App is secure with the integrated 3D Security Technology System.


Our cards offer efficient, personalized payment mechanisms.

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Retail Insight Cards presents a pioneering remuneration, gifting and/or incentive solution for large or small businesses. Bid farewell to lengthy queues and exasperations as we unveil our line of cards, promising utmost convenience.

Our cards boast cutting-edge security features, providing reassurance against potential threats. Paired with our dedicated Mobile App, managing your finances becomes effortless and secure. Bid adieu to the burden of carrying substantial cash or fretting over card theft, as we offer multiple avenues to safeguard your funds in case of compromise.

App accessible on the Google Play Store, App Gallery, and App Store, our intuitive interface ensures seamless navigation for online payments and purchases. Delve further into our array of services to discover how you can maximize the benefits of our cards and more.

Our exceptional excellence in the challenging world of processing ensures our clients always optimise their valuable time and resources.

Retail Insight Gift Cards
Retail Insight Cash Cards

Gift Cards

Our Gift Cards are branded prepaid cards that allow large corporate and small business entities to incentivise, remunerate and facilitate payment.

Why Purchase Gift Cards?

Cash Cards

Our services cater to companies or individuals seeking efficient payment mechanisms. This includes large corporations and small businesses opting for cards instead of cash to enhance the accuracy and security of expenditure tracking.

Additionally, money transfer companies issue Cash Cards to enable local spending for their customers. Employers aiming to provide incentives to permanent employees, clients, or wages to part-time workers also find our solutions beneficial.

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Virtual Cards

We take pride in our Virtual Card App, an innovative solution set to revolutionize your online shopping experience. Our app offers seamless initiation and utmost safety with its integrated 3D Security Technology System.

The Virtual Card brings numerous benefits, empowering users to shop online effortlessly through our app-based card platform. Enjoy unparalleled convenience as we enable you to manage your cards anytime, anywhere, all within a single application.

We strive to maintain simplicity and efficiency across our pricing, technology, and service offerings.

EZE Top Up Card


EZE Top Up is a banking solution in partnership with Access Bank. We provide various transactional account types to meet each customer’s needs.

Our products are tailored for cost-effective fees and allow all customers seamless access.

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Retail Insight Cards presents a pioneering remuneration, gifting and/or incentive solution for large or small businesses.

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